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Learner Support Services

  • Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed by life and study?
  • Is something getting in the way of your course work or attendance in class?
  • Would you like to talk to someone about how things are going who can offer you support to tackle challenges?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Learner Support Services may be able to help!

What is LSS?

Learner Support Services (LSS) offers one-on-one support to students who are finding it hard to keep studying or to keep up with their training. You can contact an LSS case manager yourself or your training provider can refer you

Learner Support Services aim to support you to stay in training and finish your studies by:

  • Supporting you to tackle life issues that might stop you from training
  • Offering support to develop your study skills
  • Finding support services in your community
  • Helping you to understand the training system
  • Supporting you after you finish study while you move to further study or into work

What this means is that you will be able to talk to and work with a qualified case manager, in one-to-one sessions. Your case manager will support you through your studies and can refer you to and talk to other service providers that could support you.

LSS services can come to where you need support (outreach service), if needed.

What does LSS not provide?

While support for you to develop your study skills can be provided, LSS does not provide Literacy and Numeracy (L&N) training. The training provider you are enrolled with will have already assessed any gaps in your L&N skills and can discuss next steps if you need additional help.

Who can access LSS?

If you are doing a subsidised VET course and have support needs that are making it hard for you keep studying or keep up with your studies, you are eligible for LSS. You can check online to see if your course is on the Subsidised Training List or ask your training provider.

If I am at school can I access LSS?

Yes, school students enrolled in a subsidised VET course can access LSS from 1 July 2021, once you have been through the VET Readiness Orientation (VETRO) process and enrolled in your VET course.

And after I leave training?

You can keep getting support from LSS for up to 12 weeks after you have left your course to help you move onto your next course or onto work. If you find a job or other life circumstances mean that you leave before you finish your course you can still get this support.

What are my obligations?

You need to work with the case manager to create your support plan. Once you agree that the plan has the right supports and you sign your consent that information about your support needs can be shared with appropriate people, you are ready to go. You will also need to agree to the Student Code of Conduct that includes making sure you put in effort to make the plan work as agreed.

If you think learner support services may be right for you, please talk to your trainer who can refer you for support. You can also contact the Learner Support Services case manager directly.

Jess Linsell - 0461 320 855

Mandy Baxter - 0499 721 488

Dianne Cooper - 0403 269 258

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