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Forklift Driver Training

Being a forklift driver opens many avenues for your future employment or current employment development, as forklift drivers are extremely important to a functioning business. Without them, many industries would simply stop.

A forklift driver is a skilled professional responsible for the safe operation of forklifts and similar material handling equipment. Their primary role entails efficiently moving, stacking, loading, and unloading goods within a warehouse, distribution centre, or construction site. They ensure loads are spread evenly and safely secured during manoeuvring to reduce the risk of an accident in the workplace. It can be a high-risk job but with the correct training and guidance you could soon be on your way to playing a key role in a variety of industries.

Tasks and duties may vary depending on the workplace and what the role encompasses but they will generally include:

  • Loading and unloading containers and trucks
  • Transport goods to designated areas
  • Use the correct machinery in a safe and efficient way to minimise damage to stock, storage systems, and equipment
  • Use the correct machinery in a safe and efficient way around people
  • Regularly inspect, maintain, and often perform minor repairs to forklifts to reduce wear and damage

To become a forklift driver, you firstly need a forklift licence. Other requirements may apply depending on your employer, such as a high-risk work licence (HRW) or CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry.

Reasons to get a Forklift License in SA

Obtaining a forklift license can significantly enhance your employability. Many businesses across a wide range of industries employ licensed forklift drivers due to the demands of the company, and the efficiencies of having forklift drivers on staff. Whether you aim to kickstart a new career or add a valuable skill to your existing skill set, a forklift license opens doors to a variety of job opportunities.

Getting your forklift license in SA ensures that you are qualified and possess the essential skills and knowledge required to safely operate these heavy machines, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and injuries within the workplace. Operating a forklift without a license and proper training is illegal and extremely dangerous.

Career Outcomes

Once you have your forklift license, you are equipped to explore a range of career paths across different industries. Job roles such as warehouse associate, logistics coordinator, material handler, or inventory control specialist often require licensed forklift operation skills. These positions offer steady employment and as well as opportunities for career advancement.

Forklift License validity and renewal

Forklift licenses are valid for five years in South Australia and after that it need to be renewed. License renewal can only be done within 30 days before the expiry date on your license and the process must start online via the Safe Work SA High Risk Work portal.

Verifications of Competency (VOC)/Refresher Training courses are encouraged to remind licensed forklift operators of their responsibilities whilst operating high risk work equipment, update their skills and knowledge, and ensuring drivers stay updated with the latest safety standards and operational techniques.

This course provides comprehensive knowledge on operating forklifts, covering safety protocols, handling techniques, and maintenance procedures. Obtaining a forklift licence in South Australia increases your job prospects and employability, as employers require a certification to operate forklifts. After completing your certification, you will be competent in handling these heavy machines, improve workplace efficiencies with economical forklift manoeuvring, identify potential hazards, and help reduce workplace accidents.

Forklift Driver Training

Need your licence to operate a forklift truck?

Having a forklift licence in SA has benefits within many industries such as building and construction, and engineering. Our course requires no previous experience.

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