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The term electrotechnology refers to the science behind electrical systems and the role electricity plays in technology.

Certificates in electrotechnology are usually what you need to get into an electrician career, however it is not the only option available.

With a career as a qualified electrician, you can work across various sectors, from residential to manufacturing, providing you with opportunities to work in multiple locations and a wide range of different people.

Career Pathways

A career pathway into electrotechnology offers daily variety with new situations and challenges at every job site. Plus, you will learn to problem solve and troubleshoot as these situations unfold with the skills and knowledge gained from our courses.

The physical attributes required include good hand-eye coordination, sharp eyesight with full-colour vision because you'll be working with lots of cables and wires! Since an electrician's workplace can vary, from homes to factories to oil rigs, being fit and physically capable is also beneficial.

Electricians are widely valued for their essential skills, and you can find work in any of the following industries:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Emergency Services

To work as an electrician in Australia, you require a license obtained through the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council, known as ERAC, and our UEE30820 Certificate III includes the requirements needed to obtain this license.

Electro-technology Courses

The UEE30820 - Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician is a comprehensive 48-month course offered via Training Contracts through the Australia Apprenticeship Support Network. You'll attend trade school while learning on the job through your employer. Some self-paced study will also be necessary. Once complete, you can work as a fully qualified electrician in any industry that appeals to you.

Knowing how to deal with the possibility of electric shock is essential when you are working as an electrician. The UETDRRF004 Perform rescue from a live LV panel incorporates HLTAID009 – provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and is short day-long course equips you with the skills to rescue and provide first aid, including CPR, in the case of an accidental electrical shock.

Career Outcomes

As an electrician, you'll have a solid career with plenty of work opportunities and potential for travel overseas, particularly to the UK, as long as you can show your license and pass a few extra assessments. It is also a career with a pathway into management and leadership, with their associated higher salaries, as you can work your way up to managing teams of electricians in some industries.

Electrotechnology courses

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