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Certificate IV in Engineering

Please note: All enrolments in this qualification will be required to transition to the updated qualification MEM40119 - Certificate IV in Engineering prior to 31 December 2022.

This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required for employment as a Higher Engineering Tradesperson or a Special Class Engineering Tradesperson Mechanical, Fabrication or Electrical/Electronic within the metal, engineering, manufacturing and associated industries or at equivalent levels in other industries where Engineering Tradespersons work.

Note: The qualification has been specifically developed to be delivered to people who are existing engineering tradespersons or delivered to apprentices in an Engineering Trade who choose to study at a higher level during their apprenticeship.


This program is offered as a 48 Month (4year) training course.

Note: usually completed in approx. 3.5 years

You will be assigned an ATEC Case Manager who will work with you to develop a Training Plan that suits your needs.


There are theory and practical training and assessment components to the course. Skills will be trained and assessed through a blend of off-the-job (trade school), self paced study and on-the-job training.

Note: Some components may also be achieved through formal skills recognition assessment processes (RPL).

Entry Requirements

Participants MUST:

  • Be a qualified Engineering Tradesperson; or
  • Be signed into an approved Training Contract with an employer through an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network
  • Be an Australian/New Zealand Citizen or hold an eligible VISA.
  • Have the ability to read, write and understand basic English and carry out basic mathematical calculations.
  • Have the physical ability to perform practical fabrication skills.


Please contact ATEC on 1300 112 832 for further information on course fees.

Subsidised Fee

$5032.00 AUD (GST exempt)

This course may be subsidised by the Government of South Australia for eligible students. Please contact ATEC so we can assess your eligibility.

JobTrainer Subsidised Fee

$1632.00 AUD (GST exempt)

This course may be subsidised by the Government of South Australia for eligible students. Please contact ATEC so we can assess your eligibility.

Supported by the Gov of SA

Learner Requirements

  • Provide your Unique Student Identifier (USI). Apply for an USI
  • Provision of Australian legal photo identification for enrolment purposes
  • Applicants will be required to attend an enrolment session and undertake a Literacy and Numeracy Assessment at a level required to successfully complete the qualification. Potential clients who are identified as not meeting course requirements will be assisted with referral to appropriate support services.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

To be supplied by participant:

  • Safety Boots (steel cap)
  • Safety glasses
  • Appropriate workshop attire (non-flammable). i.e. work trousers and a Long-sleeved work shirt (for WHS reasons please do not wear excessively loose clothing)
  • Drawing equipment
  • Welding gloves and a welding helmet


On successful completion of all requirements of this course, learners will be issued with:

  1. A Record of Results; and a
  2. Certificate for the MEM40105 Certificate IV Engineering
    Note: Students who do not complete all the requirements of this course will receive a Statement of Attainment for the units of competency that have been successfully achieved.

Course units

These units are a sample training plan that ATEC offers for this qualification in accordance with the qualification rules described in


Core course units

MEM13014AApply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment
MEM12023APerform engineering measurements
MEM12024APerform Computations
MEM14004APlan to undertake a routine task
MEM14005APlan a complete activity
MEM15002AApply quality systems
MEM15024AApply quality procedures
MEM16006AOrganise and communicate information
MEM16007AWork with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment
MEM16008AInteract with computing technology
MEM17003AAssist in the provision of on the job training
MSAENV272BParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Group A - Specialisation Units

MEM05005BCarry out mechanical cutting
MEM05026CApply welding principles
MEM05043BPerform welds to code standards using gas metal arc welding process
MEM18011CShut down and isolate machines/equipment

Group B - Elective Units

MEM03003BPerform sheet and plate assembly
MEM05006CPerform brazing and/or silver soldering
MEM05007CPerform manual heating and thermal cutting
MEM05010CApply fabrication, forming and shaping techniques
MEM05011DAssemble fabricated components
MEM05012CPerform routine manual metal arc welding
MEM05015DWeld using manual metal arc welding process
MEM05017DWeld using gas metal arc welding process
MEM05018CPerform advanced welding using gas metal arc welding process
MEM05019DWeld using gas tungsten arc welding process
MEM05020CPerform advanced welding using gas tungsten arc welding process
MEM05037CPerform geometric development
MEM05049BPerform routine gas tungsten arc welding
MEM05050BPerform routine gas metal arc welding
MEM05051ASelect welding processes
MEM05052AApply safe welding practices
MEM07005CPerform general machining
MEM09002BInterpret technical drawing
MEM12007DMark off/out structural fabrications and shapes
MEM18001CUse hand tools
MEM18002BUse power tools/hand held operations
MEM18003CUse tools for precision work
MEM18006CRepair and fit engineering components
MEM18020BMaintain hydraulic system components
MEM18055BDismantle, replace and assemble engineering components

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