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Bonanza of Apprenticeship Vacancies on Offer

Posted on January 21, 2024

Largest non-government provider of apprentice training

The start of the new year heralds the first step in starting exciting career qualifications for many recent school leavers. As students anxiously waited to hear results of the second round of South Australian tertiary course offers earlier this month, for many it was also the perfect opportunity to consider other options. While university is the ideal choice for many, it's by no means the only one or the best fit for all. A plethora of other options are available including construction and manufacturing trade career courses more commonly known as apprenticeships.

ATEC, the State's largest non-government provider of construction, engineering and electrical apprentice training, has announced that it has a bonanza of trade apprenticeship vacancies. These vacancies include a broad range of trades such as plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, data and voice communications, metal fabrication, mechanical engineering and carpentry.

The mainstay of ATEC apprenticeships involves nationally accredited carpentry courses with training provided by ATEC’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO) arm. ATEC has experienced extraordinary growth across all apprenticeship areas, with a notable 30% increase in carpentry bringing the total number of these apprentices to over 800. Holding the largest market share of carpentry apprentices in the State, ATEC in collaboration with key industry partners is helping to shrink the gap in the shortage of skilled tradespeople in the building and construction industry. ATEC also has plans underway to establish a state-of-the-art Carpentry Centre of Excellence in mid-2024 in Lonsdale South Australia.

Group Training Organisation (GTO) Apprenticeships

However, a wide range of other trade apprenticeships are offered through ATEC Group Training - the apprenticeship employment division of ATEC. The Group Training Organisation (GTO) employs apprentices and places them with one or more host employers throughout the duration of an apprenticeship. This allows apprentices to develop a broad range of trade skills by working in different environments in addition to ensuring continued employment.

ATEC Group Training recruits and employs apprentices and trainees in the following trade vocations:

  1. Electrical
  2. Air-conditioning
  3. Data and Voice Communications
  4. Metal Fabrications
  5. Mechanical engineering
  6. Plumbing
  7. Business Administration

Mr Bassani OAM, ATEC CEO explained that some GTO apprentices sometimes switch qualifications, often starting at uni and then switching to an apprenticeship. “A great example of one of our GTO apprentices who switched from uni to an apprenticeship is electrical apprentice Brandon Manzella. He jointly won the highly coveted 2023 NECA Apprentice of the Year award - Industrial category. Brandon, at the time, was a 4th year ATEC GTO electrical apprentice hosted by D-Stal Electrical Pty Ltd receiving his award during a glittering awards evening at the Adelaide Convention Centre in September last year. Following his award win, Brandon was offered a position as a fully qualified electrician at D-Stal starting in January 2024 and is understandably ecstatic.”

Reflecting on his career path switch Mr Manzella said “Choosing to decline university and become an electrician was the best decision for my career pathway. ATEC and D-Stal Electrical have provided me with a wonderful opportunity for a successful future. Being an electrician is both physically and mentally challenging at times, which makes it a great career for those who like the satisfaction of achieving exciting goals.”

How to apply for an ATEC GTO apprenticeship

Mr Bassani encouraged school leavers who would like to join ATEC’s list of award-winning apprentices to apply today. “At ATEC we are committed to pursuing excellence in all that we do and it's one of our core values. We have an easy online system for those looking to get started in one of our apprenticeship areas. Applicants simply submit a short resume on the ATEC website on the current vacancies page.

These applications come through to ATEC’s GTO and it’s a very streamlined and easy-to-follow process. We also welcome phone calls on 1300 112 832 where our friendly team are keen to answer any questions.” (For those who simply want to register their interest for an apprenticeship they can do so here.

Mr Bassani went on to mention some of the benefits of being an ATEC GTO apprentice such as:

  • 4 years of job security, we're the safety net for their apprenticeship journey
  • Dedicated mentor to support them throughout their training and employment
  • Trade school fees paid for - Earn while you learn – no HECS fee to repay
  • Supplied uniforms and PPE, along with opportunity for further training and licenses
  • Paid training and on-site experience to achieve the nationally recognised Cert III trade qualifications

Mr Bassani expanded on this by adding that apprenticeships can take you anywhere, – they’re a stepping stone to a dynamic and exciting future career. “Most apprentices embark on lifelong learning on day one of their apprenticeship. Once an apprenticeship is completed, it’s not unusual for them to start their own businesses and many go on to further study including university,” explained Mr Bassani

“ATEC trade graduates who have also gone on to complete a higher education qualification are highly valued by employers because of their deep insight into all aspects of their industry,” stated Mr Bassani. “Starting with a trade qualification, gaining valuable onsite experience and then tackling higher education also appeals to school leavers.”

Employing over 80 staff and providing high-quality Training and Group Training services in both metropolitan and regional communities throughout South Australia, ATEC is one of South Australia’s quiet success stories. From fledgling beginnings in a small building in Largs Bay in 1989, over the years ATEC has grown to be a thriving training entity. Today it operates two well-equipped facilities strategically situated in Ottoway in the Northwest and Lonsdale in the South, training over 1,500 trade apprentices.

All ATEC staff are passionate about the provision of the highest level of training and associated services to ensure that students leave with the maximum potential to be the best that they can be, by utilising skills and knowledge they have obtained through their apprenticeship.

ATEC trainers are all highly skilled in their field of delivery, are industry experienced and are strongly focused on “Changing People’s Lives” as each student begins their journey of skills development.

Proudly South Australian, ATEC has more than 30 years of experience in “Changing People’s Lives” and has a large network of South Australian host employers to choose from.

“There has been speculation that a uni-first culture coupled with a surge in construction projects is to blame for the shortage of skilled tradespeople. While there is certainly a boom in construction, ATEC has seen increased interest in trade careers with apprentices embracing the hands-on practical learning associated with a trade career,” added Mr Bassani.

Electrical apprentice of 2023 winner Brandon Manzella
ATEC Electrical apprentice Brandon Manzella - 2023 NECA Apprentice of the Year award - Industrial category

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