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ATEC Commences Site Preparation for State-of-the-Art Carpentry Centre of Excellence

Posted on April 24, 2024

ATEC is thrilled to announce that site preparation work has officially commenced for its eagerly anticipated Centre of Excellence in Carpentry based in Lonsdale South Australia. This milestone marks a significant step forward in ATEC's active involvement in addressing the growing demand for skilled tradespeople in South Australia's construction industry.

Site preparation work coincides with the pressing challenges highlighted by the Master Builders SA (MBA SA) Building and Construction Industry April 2024 report. The report forecasts that a 23.5% increase in new dwellings for South Australia in 2023-24 will occur, highlighting that the need for skilled tradespeople has never been more critical.

According to MBA SA, South Australia faces the formidable task of delivering approximately 83,000 new homes over the five years to June 2029 as part of the Federal Government National Housing Accord. However, MBA SA estimates that only 55,000 new homes will begin construction during this period, significantly falling short of the Accord target. To bridge this gap, an uptick in higher-density home building is urgently needed and we need to overcome the biggest challenge overall of a labour shortage.

ATEC's Centre of Excellence represents a proactive response to the labour shortage challenge. With a $300,000 government grant co-investment from the South Australian Government, ATEC is expanding its Lonsdale training facility by 750 square meters to provide more comprehensive training to apprentices in the carpentry trade.

Greg Bassani, CEO of ATEC, expressed urgency for the project, stating, "The commencement of site preparation work marks a significant milestone for ATEC and the South Australian construction industry. We are excited to be at the forefront of addressing the shortage of skilled tradespeople and contributing to the state's economic growth, particularly in light of the identification of labour shortage by the MBA SA."

The Centre of Excellence will be equipped with cutting-edge technology and training equipment, complemented by experienced VET trainers, to ensure apprentices receive the highest quality education. This investment not only strengthens ATEC's position as a leader in trade education but also supports the Government's objectives for skill development and job creation.

ATEC has experienced extraordinary growth across all apprenticeship areas, with a notable 30% increase in carpentry bringing the total number of these apprentices to around 850. Holding the largest market share of carpentry apprentices in the state, ATEC in collaboration with key industry partners is helping to shrink the gap in the shortage of skilled tradespeople.

Mr. Bassani reiterated ATEC's commitment to serving the community and fostering the next generation of trades professionals. "We are grateful for the support of the South Australian government and look forward to continuing our collaboration to expand the state's skilled workforce," he added.

As site preparation progresses, ATEC remains dedicated to its mission of providing pathways to successful careers in the construction industry. The Centre of Excellence represents an exciting opportunity for apprentices to gain quality hands-on experience and embark on dynamic and rewarding careers.

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