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ATEC to establish Carpentry Centre of Excellence

Posted on December 15, 2023

ATEC is delighted to announce the success of a South Australian $300,000 government grant submission to establish a state-of-the-art Carpentry Centre of Excellence located in Lonsdale South Australia. The new carpentry facility, with co-investment from the South Australian Government, aims to address the unprecedented increase in demand for tradespeople across South Australia.

ATEC has experienced extraordinary growth across all apprenticeship areas, with a notable 30% increase in carpentry bringing the total number of these apprentices to over 800. Holding the largest market share of carpentry apprentices in the state, ATEC in collaboration with key industry partners is helping to shrink the gap in the shortage of skilled tradespeople.

The ATEC Carpentry Centre of Excellence will expand our Lonsdale training facility by 750 square meters, providing an all-weather environment to cater to the educational needs of the Adelaide South metro area and southern regional areas, including the Fleurieu Peninsula. This expansion aligns seamlessly with ATEC's strategic direction outlined in our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, focusing on developing quality apprentices and expanding our facilities.

The Carpentry Centre of Excellence will be a cutting-edge facility, equipped with the latest technology and training equipment, complemented by our experienced VET trainers. It will offer comprehensive, hands-on training that aligns with the highest industry standards, ensuring our apprentices are well-prepared for successful careers in the construction industry.

This expansion represents an investment not only in ATEC's future but also in the future workforce of the Adelaide metro area and southern communities, supporting the Government's objectives for skill development, job creation, and economic growth.

ATEC Certificate III in Carpentry apprenticeships Adelaide

Committed to carpentry apprenticeships in Adelaide

ATEC's commitment to serving the community is evident in our response to the pressing demand for carpentry apprenticeships, especially in the Southern suburbs. The Carpentry Centre of Excellence is strategically positioned to cater to the needs of our growing number of apprentices and contribute significantly to the construction industry's workforce development and the economic growth of our community.

ATEC’s CEO, Greg Bassani said the grant could not have come at a better time and was looking forward to continuing to work with Government and industry to expand South Australia’s rapidly growing construction and manufacturing skilled workforce.

“With this expansion, ATEC is poised to not only meet the immediate needs of those seeking to enrol but also to contribute to the long-term success of the construction industry in South Australia,’ explained Mr Bassani.

“ATEC’s training facilities at Ottoway and Lonsdale are at capacity due to extraordinary growth in all apprenticeship areas, but especially in carpentry and further growth will help address the alarming shortage of qualified tradespeople,” explained Mr Bassani.

“There has been speculation that a uni-first culture coupled with a surge in construction projects is to blame for the shortage of skilled tradespeople. While there is certainly a boom in construction, ATEC has seen increased interest in trade careers with apprentices embracing the hands-on practical learning associated with a trade career,” added Mr Bassani.

“We’re very appreciative of the South Australian government's support for both this initiative and continued collaboration on many skills-based programs aimed at encouraging more to consider a trade career,” said Mr Bassani.

Mr Bassani expanded on this by adding that trade apprenticeships can take you anywhere, – they’re a stepping stone to a dynamic and exciting future career. “Many apprentices embark on lifelong learning from day one in their apprenticeship. It's not unusual for apprentices to start their own businesses once qualified and while some go on to gain further formal qualifications, all continue to learn in a practical sense,” explained Mr Bassani.

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